Optifine is a really awesome mod for Minecraft. It speeds things up and gives you the ability to run HD shaders. This install is pretty simple. If you’re a NT user I think it’s just a double click. On Linux you have to run the jar file manually to install the mod.

  1. First run Minecraft Launcher and download the correct build. In this example I’m using Minecraft 1.16.5.
  2. Next go to OptiFine’s website and download the correct jar for your build.
  3. Open a terminal and navigate to your download folder.
  4. Run “java -jar OptiFine_1.16.5_HD_U_G8.jar”
  5. Choose the install option.

The hard part is over. Next we need shaders. I found a ton on Minecraft Shader’s website. A couple to name would be Sildur’s, BSL, and Vanilla. Launch the new build in Minecraft Launcher and you’re ready to go.